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July 24 , 2006
My life has been occupied by working and working on my motorcycles. I've been pretty heavily involved in keeping my RD350 running and building an RD400 track bike. I've also been getting into painting old helmets. But I found some time to work on some drawings. Check out the sketchbook and illustrations sections for new stuff.

May 10, 2006

I've been working my new job as an art college industrial design shop technician. I honestly like my job: I like who I work with, most of the students, and the attitude of the place. I swear, I never know where I'll end up next. I'm barely getting by, but I commute across the Bay Bridge everyday on an old bike, rain or shine. Anyway, I added a few more illustrations. Commissions are always weird, I always am really frustrated by them at times. I don't know why that is.

March 14 , 2006

Well weird. I managed to get a freelance Industrial Design gig at the end of January and worked for astraight month making decent money and spending 3 hours a day commuting. That's all over and I'm back to drawing again. I miss the money but this is where my heart is. I have a lot of new illustrations up.

January 6, 2006

I had a rough ending to 2005. I had my messenger bag filled with 2 pieces of commissioned art, my tobacco pipe, some money, my old Kangol hat, my umbrella, my friend's book, all my maps, my sunglasses, and my nice digital camera stolen from me at a bar. It was a miserable nihgt for sure. But thanks to generosity of friends and strangers, I've had a few of those items replaced. I can't even thank them enough.

I had some fun this week and took a break from commissions and made something for myself. Go to the Illustrations section and check out the 1-5 numbered series I call "The Meeting." Hopefully they'll make you laugh.

December 30, 2005
The last drawings for 2005 are up. I've been getting some commissions to buy some food with, so things have been ok. So check out the illustrations and painting section for some new stuff. I'm still loving The Bay Area and this weekend is New Years. Hopefully 2006 will start to rock for me. I finally figured out how to get an alright scan from my scanner, so that's a good start.

December 12, 2005
1 week after my 29th birthday I have completely revamped my website. Time to look professional and stuff. I've got some new ideas I'm excited to start trying. Unfortunately money issues mean other priorities. Anyway, I'm loving the Bay Area. Even if I die penniless I will be glad I moved here.